Bati Service is well known as a panel builder for ABB low voltage panels. We are authorized to use the most sophisticated ABB enclosures, the ArTu series and the System Pro E. But we can also produce custom made enclosure under the brand PAVISA in case you need f. e. a special size that is not available in the ABB portfolio.

We can manufacture all kinds of LV panels up to 6300A for AC and DC use. You can provide us complete designs, single line diagrams, or just the basic technical data. We will find the most efficient and economic solution by using ABB e-Design software. All our boards will follow local and international standards (f. e. IEC 61439-1-2). All panels are delivered together with AutoCAD drawings for layout, SL and control circuits. Form of segregation to 4b is possible, IP rating can be up to 65 (IP66 for smaller panels up to 630A). As standard, ABB panels are made of powder coated, galvanized steel (RAL 7035),  but we can also provide solutions in other colors or stainless steel.

On request, we can deliver our panels to your site. As an electrical contractor, we can install all our panels (and panels provide from the customer), including all necessary site work and wiring.


Distribution Boards (DB):

From 32A up to 6300A we can provide you main and sub distribution boards. Small DBs with incoming RCCB and some outgoing MCBs for home use, or large main distribution boards for whole factories, banks and hotels. We can use ABB MCCBs up to 3200A or ACBs up to 6300A. The breakers can be motorized for remote control. You can choose customs made instrumentation (analogue voltmeters and amperemeters, digital multimeters, energy meters or network analyzers). All DBs can be combined with change-over switches, power factor correction units and other equipment. Busbar couplers can be also build-in. All DBs can be fitted with surge arresters of different types which is recommended to protect your equipment from lightning strikes and other surges.


Power Factor Correction Units (PFCU):

In commercial/industrial life, most AC apparatus (e.g. lifts, lights, machinery, air conditioning, motors and so on) take more from the TANESCO supply than they actually need. The power factor is the relationship between working (active) power and total power consumed (apparent). Low power factor is a problem, which can be resolved by adding power factor correction units to your distribution system. For more in-deep information, please email us.

Bati Service is manufacturing PFCU in all sizes with several steps and automatic controllers, but also simple fixed type power factor correction with a single capacitor.

From your given data, we can do the design, but we can make a site survey to measure your existing power factor.


Motor Starters and Motor Control Centers (MCC):

Bati Service is manufacturing direct-online starters (DOL), forward-reverse  starters and star-delta starters up to 355kW. We are also selling ABB softstarters (up to 710kW) and variable-frequency drives (up to 5600kW), as loose item or build in enclosures. All motor starters are custom made solutions, where you can choose instrumentation, protecting relays, etc.

We also provide complete motor control centers up to 6300A combing several starters and other items in one enclosure. The use of PLC is possible.


Change-over Switches, Bypass Switches and Isolator Switches (Switch Disconnectors):

We are producing manual and automatic change-over switches up to 6300A. For the automatic models, we can offer several different solutions: interlocked contactors, interlocked motorized MCCBs or ACBs or motorized switches with control. Solutions for more than two power sources are available, also control with timers or load-measuring relays. Just contact us and we help you to find the best solution.

Furthermore, we sell bypass switches (f. e for UPS or stabilizers) and isolator switches (switch disconnectors) from 16A up to 6300A, as loose items or in enclosures. Fused disconnectors are also available on request.


Synchronization Panels:

If you want to run more than one incoming generator at the same time, Bati Service can provide synchronization panels with incoming and outgoing motorized breakers and control modules up to 6300A.


Other Panels:

Bati Service can provide all custom made panels that you need. F. e. a distribution box with several outgoing industrial sockets, a two-tariff energy meter in enclosure or a special control circuit in a box. Just email us or visit our shop for consultation.



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Panel design with ABB e-Design software