Bati Service is registered as an electrical contractor class 2 since 2011. We are contracting electrical works in any type of industry in Dar es Salaam and country wide.

We specialize in industrial and commercial projects but smaller jobs are completed with equal excellence.We have the best people in the business. More than 60 professionals deliver the technical skill and physical capacity to respond safely, quickly and cost effectively to any project.


Our main services are:

- New Electrical Systems
- Upgrades, Renovations and Expansions
- Electrical Wiring (including Medium & High Voltage Wiring)
- Design, Supply, Installation, Commission and Maintenance of Distribution Boards DC and AC Power
- Power Generation
- Power Survey, Record of Parameters, Report with Conclusion and Recommendations, incl. Infra-red Survey
- Trouble Shooting, Testing and Repair
- Supplier of all ABB Electrical Materials
- Supplier of Delta Rectifiers, Inverters and UPS and Nexans Cables

If you don't see what you need here, please email us, call us or visit us and ask - we take pride in our adaptability. 



Bati service is one for the leading electrical service providers to the telecommunications industry through designing and implementing customer-specific complex power solutions. The power solutions include the installation and maintenance of uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), rectifier power systems, diesel engine generators, automatic voltage regulators (AVR), and many more. Our technicians are well trained for all the sensitive working environments in the telecommunications industry and this has allowed cut-overs to be done on live equipment without loosing any traffic. All installations are carried out smoothly with minimum service-affecting time.


Commercial Installations:

Bati Service Ltd. delivers a high standard of electrical installations for all customers. We have completed electrical installations in filling stations, banks, workshops, offices, hotels and hospitals.


Power Generations:

Bati Service Ltd provides, installs, and services various makes and models of backup generators. We provide efficient, and reliable emergency backup power . Our solutions use generators from all kinds of quality manufacturers. We provide our clients with a wide selection of power output and voltage capacities, complete with automatic power transfer gear, to ensure maximum security & protection, and satisfy your power requirements. With an automatic power transfer switch, your generator is always standing by, ready to protect your home or facility, with essential AC power, in the event of a grid power failure.

We perform complete installations, including integrating into your existing power system, wiring of automatic transfer switches & other controls where required. We also perform testing of completed system installations to ensure proper operation, thereby ensuring maximum protection for our valued customers.



Power safe DC batteries installed at MGW Arusha (Vodacom)

Control panel for waterpumps installed for Sogea Satom

Sample of electrical survey

Transformer installed for Sogea Satom

Installed DC DB at Kwale switch Vodacom

Installed cable management system for optical fibre at Kwale switch Vodacom