ABB Universal Enclosure - Unikit


UNIKIT, the innovative enclosure system offers maximum safety, functionality, flexibility, quick and simple assembly.

UNIKIT is an extendable system where standardised components can be assembled quickly and cost-effectively into a complete individual panel.

Whether used for in-house installations or industrial applications, the extremely well designed UNIKIT system offers a host of decisive advantage:

- Pleasing appearance with attractive details

- No visible mounting or connection elements

- Enclosure covers and bottoms are pre-punched

- A multitude of usable modules: e.g. EIB modules

- Strong reliable door lock, with key locking

- Cable container for side-mounting left and right available


Technical Details

Compliance with standards IEC 439-1/EN 60439-1/BS EN 60439-1&3
Rated service voltage Ue up to 690 V
Rated insulation voltage Ui up to 1000 V
Rated frequency 50-60 Hz
Rated current In up to 630 A
Rated short-time short-circuit withstand current Icw up to 35 kA
Degree of protection IP 30 without door
  41 with door (IP 54 on special request)



Available Sizes

Model Size External WxHxD [mm]
wall-mounted up to 250A
1 700x700x150
2 1000x700x150
free standing up to 630A
3 700x700x300
4 1000x700x300
5 1300x700x300
6 1900x700x300


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ABB Universal Enclosure - Unikit