ABB Distribution Boards - ArTu K



The ArTu K enclosures are ideal for high performance applications thanks to the possibility to manage lots of dimensions, segregations and to install all ABB apparatus with an excellent and certified level of integration

The K series ArTu line consists of secondary floor distribution switchboards, switchboards with moulded-case circuit-breakers, primary distribution switchboards (Power Centre type) with moulded-case circuit-breakers and internal segregations up to form 4, if necessary.

The switchgear is completed with:

  • - blind (IP65) and ventilated (IP41) type side panels;
  • - blind and transparent doors, fitted with safety glass which can be mounted on all sides (IP65).
  • - kit for installing the apparatus, designed to integrate metalwork structures and circuit-breaker perfectly .

The mounting positions are established previously so as to guarantee the insulation distances and perfect alignment of the apparatus on the front panel. Furthermore, the kit plates are of the self-centring type and are fitted with threaded bushings to provide easy assembly of the apparatus from the front.

  • - DIN rail kit consisting of a drawn piece of aluminium able to resist the load of the circuit-breakers fitted with fixing brackets (patented), preset to house the vertical and horizontal cabling duct. The aluminium DIN rail has three established mounting positions, corresponding respectively to the depths of the System Pro M, Tmax and Isomax circuit-breakers. It is fitted with double DIN 35 section (front and rear), and the rear part can be used to support the duct, up to 60x80mm;
  • - kit for air circuit-breakers consisting of sturdy supporting crosspieces and of the front panel;
  • - universal kits, consisting of back plates and blind front panels, which allow assembly of generic apparatus.

The panels have vertical 100mm modularity and are fitted with an invisible hinge on the outside, which can be mounted either on the right or on the left, and which guarantees panel earthing, making the equipotential connection superfluous. The DIN panels are also available in the versions for one, two or three rows, corresponding to heights of 200, 300 and 600mm respectively and can have 150/200mm centre distance between the rows.

In the case of modular and moulded-case circuit-breakers placed side by side in the same row, the special section must be used which allows the assembly position of the circuit-breakers to be adapted correctly so that the same modular panel can be used. When the circuit-breakers do not take up the whole window of the panel, the spaces can be closed using the hole covers.


Within the K series of ArTu switchgear with 500, 700 and 900mm depths, segregation compartments of Form 2, 3 and 4 can be made in conformity with the IEC 60439-1 Standard, for the whole range of moulded-case circuit-breakers with rear terminals, simply by using the closed functional frame, the installation kits in the segregated version and the special segregations.

The distribution systems, which can be used inside the ArTu switchgear, consist of:

  • - shaped section busbars up to 3200A;
  • - flat busbars up to 4000A;
  • - flexible busbars;
  • - Unifix cabling system, structured up to 400A;
  • - dividers up to 400A.

The extremely compact dimensions of the system allow the busbars to be mounted directly inside the switchgear, positioning them horizontally or vertically, on the back or on the side of the structure, keeping front access, also thanks to the practicality of the scaled type busbar holder. These same installation possibilities are offered inside the cable container and the structures with reduced depth.

Available in 1800x600x600 and 1800x800x600 (H x W x D) with optional cable container with transparent or plain door.


Technical Details

Compliance with standards IEC 60439-1
Rated service voltage Ue up to 1000 V
Rated insulation voltage Ui up to 1000 V
Rated frequency 50-60 Hz
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 8 kV
Rated current In up to 6300 A
Rated short-time short-circuit withstand current Icw up to 105 kA
Rated peak short-circuit current Ipk up to 254 kA
Degree of protection IP 31 without door
  41 with accessories
  65 with door and blind panel
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ABB Distribution Boards - ArTu K