ABB Switchboard - Gemini


Gemini, something completely different in switchboards ABB SACE’s Gemini range is revolutionizing the market of low voltage electric insulating switchboards. The reason for this is that it is the first switchboard made in thermoplastic material, to which the co-injection molding technique gives the same mechanical characteristics as polyester.

This means that it is extremely sturdy, with its rigid covering and expanded internal core. Moreover, it contains no fiberglass, a material that with time rises to the surface, jeopardizing the functioning and safety of switchboards made in polyester with which it is usually mixed. Gemini switchboards have IP66 degree of protection (IP40 with the door open and with the appropriate components installed) and a very high resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents. This is the reason why Gemini guarantees excellent performances even in particularly severe operating conditions.

- Available in 6 sizes

- Single order code combined with box and transparent and opaque door

- Door designed so that it can be hooked onto hinges at both vertical sides and mounted without the use of tools

- To be mounted to the wall using internal holes or fixing brackets supplied as accessories

- Door opening at an angle of more than 180°

- Doors supplied with 2 standard double bit locks (3 for sizes 5 and 6) that can be replaced with locks for ciphered key or with square/triangular impression (the standard triplex key is suitable for use with three types of impressions).


Technical Details

Compliance with standards IEC 60439-1-2
Rated service voltage Ue up to 690 V
Rated frequency 50-60 Hz
Rated current In up to 630 A
Degree of protection IP 66 with door


Available Sizes

Model Size External WxHxD [mm] Internal WxHxD [mm] Max. no. DIN modules
1 335x400x210 250x300x180 24 (12x2)
2 460x550x260 375x450x230 54 (18x3)
3 460x700x260 375x600x230 72 (18x4)
4 590x700x260 500x600x230 96 (24x4)
5 590x855x360 500x750x330 120 (24x5)
6 840x1005x360 750x900x330 216 (36x6)


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ABB Switchboard  - Gemini