MV Switch Gear SafePlus



SafePlus is ABB’s flexible, extendable compact switchgear. SafePlus is a SF6-insulated, extendable compact switchgear system for secondary distribution. The switchgear has a unique flexibility due to its extendability and the possible combination of fully modular and semi modular configurations.

All modules except the metering module and circuit-breaker module are only 325 mm wide. SafePlus can be configured with a maximum of five modules in one SF6 tank with an internal busbar. To configure switchgear with more than five modules as many tanks as needed can be joined together by use of an external busbar. Alternatively, the whole switchgear can be configured as fully modular with the use of the external busbar between all modules. The external busbar is fully insulated and screened in order to maintain climatic independence and a maintenance free solution. All modules can be delivered prepared for future extension.

SafePlus offers a choice between a switch fuse combination and circuit breaker with relay for transformer protection. The switch fuse combination offers optimal protection against short-circuits, while the circuit breaker with relay option offers better protection against low overcurrents. Circuit breaker with relay is always recommended for larger transformers.



Bati Service has the following ABB MV Switchgear on stock:


12kV SafePlus CV breaker type compact switchgear
12kV SafePlus CVV breaker type compact switchgear
36kV SafePlus CV breaker type compact switchgear
36kV SafePlus CVV breaker type compact switchgear


On request we can also provide other types and configurations. For details, please download the catalogues from ABB.


Please contact us for any questions, more information, or price inquiries.




MV Switch Gear SafePlus