ABB Distribution Boards - ArTu L2

ABB Distribution Boards - ArTu L



The ArTu L range is composed of structures consisting of modular kits which can be built up in different combinations able to cover applications of terminal distribution switchgear, both wall-mounted up to 250 A and floor-mounted up to 800 A. The overall dimensions are reduced thanks to the depth of just 200 mm for the former and 240 mm for the latter. Both versions can be placed side-by-side with other structures and with cable risers with a width of 300 mm.

Modular apparatus of the System pro M series, moulded-case Tmax up to T5 and Isomax up to S6 800 A (fixed version with front terminals) circuit-breakers are housed inside the ArTu L switchgear, with a capacity of 24 or 36 modules per row. Apart from in the traditional plain and pre-drilled versions with 200 mm height, the modular panels are also available in the 150 mm height, which allows optimization of the space available.

Cabling becomes simpler, thanks to the structure which is completely open: in fact, it is possible to conveniently carry out cabling horizontally on trestles inside the workshop or on the building site with the switchgear completely open and then only complete its assembly when cabling has been completed.

It is possible to use the rapid Unifix (H and L) cabling system. Furthermore, the kit for fixing the circuit breakers further simplifies the job, thanks to the practical rapid snap-on hooking up system and the standardized small items.

The 400 and 800A busbar system with shaped section, with prefabricated connections between circuit-breakers and busbars placed in the various situations can be used. It is always possible to use the traditional flat busbars for capacities up to 630A. The degree of protection goes from IP31, for the versions without door, up to IP43 for the versions with door.

Lateral access is guaranteed, as is the possibility of mounting the vertical wiring duct both on the right, on the left and horizontally. An accessory box is available, to be placed above the switchgear roof, which increases the space available for the incoming cables and, together with the distribution frame, makes distribution simpler. The maximum form of segregation, which can be obtained, is type 2.


Technical Details

Compliance with Standards IEC 60439-1
Rated service voltage Ue up to 690 V
Rated insulation voltage Ui up to 1000 V
Rated frequency 50-60 Hz
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 8 kV
Rated current In up to 800 A (free standing), 250 A wall-mounted 
Rated short-circuit peak current Ipk up to 74 kA
IP degree of protection 31 without door
  43 with door



Free standing in 1 size with transparent on stock (other sizes available on request)

For all sizes a cable container is optionally available.
Type Dimensions HxWxD mm
Size 1 1800x600x200


Wall-mounted in 4 sizes with transparent or plain door.

For all sizes a cable container is optionally available.
Type Dimensions HxWxD mm
Size 1 600x600x200
Size 2 800x600x200
Size 3 1000x600x200
Size 4 1200x600x200


ABB Distribution Boards - ArTu L2