Digital & Analogue Meters



Bati Service is keeping the following ABB digital & analogue meters regularly on stock:


KWh-meter B-series 1ph and 3ph for direct or CT connection (single- or two tariff)

Digital multimeter DMTME

Ammeter AMT1-A1

Voltmeter VLM-1-500

Frequency meter FRZ-90

Working hour meter E233-230


As standard, we have front panel mounted meters in size 96x96mm, other sizes are available on request.

Other models are available on request. We can also provide ABB network analyzers ANR and M2M.



Further we have the most common accessories:

  • Current transformer 40-4000A
  • Shunt current transformer for DC applications
  • Ammeter and voltmeter selector switches



Please contact us for any questions, more information, or price inquiries. Download the catalogues, we can order the whole program from ABB for you.




Digital & Analogue Meters