Surge Arrestors OVR


OVR Type 1 - Protection against direct lightning

Exposed building to lightning surges shall be protected with Type 1 or Type 1+2 surge protective devices (SPDs). With a high impulse current discharge capacity (Iimp), they are located at the service entrance of the installation to avoid the destruction of the main switch board. Building protected against lightning with an external lightning protection (simple rod, meshed cage or ESE) must have at least a Type 1 SPD in the main distribution board.


OVR Type 2 - Protection against indirect lightning and surges

Most of the equipment sustain repetitive transient surges. Generated by indirect lightning strikes or by industrial environment, these transient overvoltages deteriorate and drastically reduce the life time of sensitive equipment like computers. Located in the sub-distribution boards of the installation, as close as possible to the equipment to protect, they offer a reliable and safe surge protection.


Bati Service is keeping the following ABB surge arrestors regularly on stock:


Surge Arrester OVR T1 25 255-7

Surge Arrester OVR T1 3N 25-255 and Surge Arrester OVR T1 3N 25-255 TS

Surge Arrester OVR T2 40 440 P

Surge Arrester OVR T2 3N 40 275 P and Surge Arrester OVR T2 3N 40 275 P TS

Surge Arrester OVR TC 48V P (for phone and data line protection)


Other models are available on request. Bati Service can provide the surge arresters together with fuse or MCB in a small separate enclosure for supplementary installation.



Please contact us for any questions, more information, or price inquiries. Download the catalogue, we can order the whole program from ABB for you.



Surge Arrestors OVR