Pushbuttons & Switches



Bati Service is keeping the following ABB pushbuttons and switches regularly on stock:


Pushbutton flush, momentary, can be illuminated, in red, yellow, green

Pushbutton flush, momentary, black

Double pushbuttons

Emergency stop pushbutton, also in lockable version

Selector switches, 2-, 3- and 4-position, maintained, black

Toggle switches, 2-position, maintained, black

On/off pushbuttons and emergency stop pushbutton in enclosures


These items are from the modular product line. To have a complete switch or pushbutton, you have to order the operator, the holder, and NO/NC contact blocks according to your needs. For illuminated products you need also lamp block and LED bulb.


Other models are available on request.


Please contact us for any questions, more information, or price inquiries. Download the catalogue, we can order the whole program from ABB for you.



Pushbuttons & Switches