Manual Motor Starters



ABB manual motor starters offers protection against short-circuits, phase failures and overload together with disconnecting functionality in one item. They can be combined with contactors instead of an overload relay or they can be used as stand alone products.


Bati Service is keeping the following manual motor starter (MMS) models regularly on stock:


MMS model Setting range
 MS116-0.16 0.10-0.16A
 MS116-0.25 0.16-0.25A
 MS116-0.4 0.25-0.40A
 MS116-0.63 0.40-0.63A
 MS116-1.0 0.63-1.00A
 MS116-1.6 1.00-1.60A
 MS116-2.5 1.60-2.50A
 MS116-4.0 2.50-4.00A
 MS116-6.3 4.00-6.30A
 MS116-10 6.30-10.00A
 MS116-12 8.00-12.00A
 MS116-16 10.00-16.00A
 MS116-20 16.00-20.00A
 MS132-25 20.00-25.00A
 MS132-32 25.00-32.00A



Further we have the most common accessories:

  • Auxiliary switches
  • Signal switches
  • Auxiliary contacts
  • Locking devices



Please contact us for any questions, more information, or price inquiries. Download the catalogue, we can order the whole program from ABB for you.


Manual Motor Starters