Bati Service is keeping the following ABB contactor models regularly on stock:


3-pole standard block contactors:

Contactor type AC1 rating AC3 rating
 AF09-30-10-13 25A 9A, 4kW
 AF12-30-10-13 28A 12A, 5.5kW
 AF16-30-10-13 30A 18A, 7.5kW
 AF26-30-00-13 45A 26A, 11kW
 AF30-30-00-13 50A 32A, 15kW
 AF38-30-00-13 50A 38A, 18.5kW
 AF40-30-00-13 70A 40A, 18.5kW
 AF52-30-00-13 100A 53A, 22kW
 AF65-30-00-13 105A 65A, 30kW
 AF80-30-00-13 125A 80A, 37kW
 AF96-30-00-13 130A 96A, 45kW
 AF116-30-00-13 160A 116A, 55kW
 AF146-30-00-13 225A 146A, 75kW
 AF190-30-00-13 275A 190A, 90kW
 AF205-30-00-13 350A 205A, 110kW
 AF265-30-00-13 400A 264A, 132kW


4-pole standard block contactors:

Contactor type AC1 rating
 AF09-40-00-13 25A
 AF16-40-00-13 30A
 AF26-40-00-13 45A
 AF38-40-00-13 55A
 AF40-40-00-13 70A
 AF52-40-00-13 100A
 AF80-40-00-13 125A
 AF116-40-00-13 160A
 AF140-40-00-13 200A
 AF190-40-00-13 275A
 AF205-40-00-13 350A
 AF265-40-00-13 400A
 AF305-40-00-13 500A
 AF370-40-00-13 525A
 EK 550-40-11 800A
 EK 1000-40-11 1000A


Contactors for capacitor switching:

Contactor type Rated op. power
 UA16-30-10RA 12 kvar
 UA26-30-10RA 22 kvar
 UA30-30-10RA 30 kvar
 UA50-30-00RA 40 kvar
 UA75-30-00RA 60 kvar
 UA95-30-00RA 70 kvar


Contactor relays:




All AF- and NF contactors have a coil voltage range of 100-250V AC/DC. AF9-30 - AF38-30 we have also in 20-60V DC / 24-60V AC. Other voltages are available on request.


Further we have the most common accessories:

  • Auxiliary contacts
  • Interlocks
  • Thermal overload relays ranged 0.13A - 310A


ABB has replaced the A-series and most of the EK-series contactors with the new AF-range. This one has several advantages like wide electronic coil with wide voltage range, inbuilt surge protection and lower price. But on special request we can still supply the old models.


Please contact us for any questions, more information, or price inquiries. Download the catalogue, we can order the whole program from ABB for you.