ABB Compact Distribution Board - ECO


Eco low voltage distribution boards come in an attractive design suitable for flush mounting. Available in busbar (TPN) and multi row types.

- Slim and optimised dimensions without compromising internal wiring space.
- Simple and easy installation

Kit for incoming device has to purchased separately for busbar (TPN) type. Available incomers: 3-pole MCB, 3-pole MCCB, 3-pole isolator, 4-pole RCCB.



Technical Details

Compliance with standards IEC 439- 3 & BS 60439 part 1 & 3
Rated service voltage Ue up to 400 V
Rated frequency 50-60 Hz
Rated current In up to 100 A row type, up to 160A TPN type
Rated short-time short-circuit withstand current Icw up to 35 kA
Degree of protection IP 40


Available Sizes multi row type (flush H&W +20mm)


Size WxHxD [mm]

Max. no. DIN modules
2 540x420x100 28
3 690x420x100 42
4 840x420x100 56


Available Sizes TPN busbar type (flush H&W +20mm)


Size WxHxD [mm]

Max. no. DIN modules
4 540x420x100 12
6 600x420x100 18
8 650x420x100 24
12 758x420x100 36


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ABB Compact Distribution Board - ECO